The Supershear hydraulic cutter is not complicated. We use a power source (Gas Electric or DC motor) that engages a pump which pumps hydraulic fluid under pressure to the cutting head cylinder.

There are a few differences in the way the system works on all three shears. We offer "FREE" technical and diagnostic support during our normal working hours 8-4 M-F Arizona Time. (We do not observe daylight savings).

Building and servicing Supershears is all we do. Call us if you have any questions or need help.




  • What is the warranty on the shear
    • We warranty everything on the Supershear for one (1) year from purchase date except the blade and mainframe. This includes but is not limited to, seals, motors, pumps, hydraulic adapters, hose crimps, and electrical components.
    • We do not cover leaks from operator misuse, seals from shaft damage on the cylinder and normal wear and tear.
  • How long does the blade last?
    • We recommend sharpening the blade when it becomes dull at the tip. we have a video on the repair video page to show you how. If you maintain the blade and sharpen it on a regular basis, it will last 10,000 to 15,000 cuts.
  • How much does a blade cost
    • The blade is $71.50! The Bat blade is $73.50
  • Why doesn't the blade line up?
    • Sometimes during the operation of the cutting head, stress of cutting will cause the blade bolts to misaligned when trying to put in a new blade. We recommend if when changing out the blade the bolts don't slide in and start threading correctly, loosen all the Mainframe bolts first, install the blade in the shaft and then reinstall the Mainframe bolts. this should solve the problem unless the mainframe or cylinder shaft are bent. If you cross thread the bolts while changing the blades, you'll create more problems in the future
  • How fast does it cut
    • The 12 volt cycle is about 10 seconds, the 110/220 is about 7 seconds, the Gas is about 5 seconds. The size of the pump, RPM of the motor determine these speeds.
  • What kind of oil should I use?
    • We recommend AW32 or AW46 hydraulic fluid. A standard universal oil will work just fine. Filling instruction are in the manual and the manual can be found on a link below
  • How long are the hoses
    • The standard hose length for all handheld cutters is 23 feet. We can add up to 50 feet for an additional cost. We do not recommend going longer than 50 feet from the hydro unit.
  • How long does it take to get a shear
    • We build and ship in 24 hours under normal circumstances. We normally have shears on the shelf and ready to ship next day. Travel time to the lower 48 states ranges from 1 to 5 days.
  • Do I need to bleed the system on a new machine or after repairs
    • On a new shear, we fill test and then drain the tank only. When you receive the new shear, fill it as instructed and any air will purge itself during normal operating the first few days of use. After repairs that require draining the tank, same rule applies, fill the tank and any trapped air will purge during normal use.
  • Manuals for safe operation and cutting tips
    • These links are for the manuals for each model. Just click on the link and download.

         12 VOLT MANUAL          110_220 MANUAL          GAS SHEAR MANUAL        DECANNER MANUAL