110/220-Volt Supershear!

Two Extra Blades (New Customers Only)

*Call for a Shipping Quote* , (Dims, 36X36X56 @ 300 Pounds)

The 110/220-Volt Supershear is a hydraulic catalytic converter cutter designed for processing in a single location.


  • Designed for single location processing.
  • Powered by a 110/220-volt single phase 2 Horsepower motor.
  • 220-volt option requires less amperage and is recommended for a facility with the necessary power supply.
  • Single person operator.
  • Ideal for facility with multiple processing stations in one area.

This shear is powered by a 110/220-volt single phase 2 Horsepower motor. The 2 HP electric motor delivers 3000-3500 psi to the patented cutting head for superior cutting, and voltage to the switch handle is reduced to 24 VDC via an electronic module for operator safety.

The 220-volt option requires less amperage during use and is recommended if the facility has the necessary power supply. The hydraulic unit is mounted on a two-wheel cart with 10.5-inch polyurethane “no flat” tires.

Like the other three Supershear models, this machine is shipped with 23 feet of braided hydraulic hose connected to the patented Supershear cutting head. This length of hose is likely enough to reach three processing stations, however additional hose can be added to the unit for a small cost. A two-button switch handle, located below the head, controls the cutting motion and facilitates a one-man operation.

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